What to do if AOL mail not working

Fix When Mail Server IMAP AOL.Com Is Not Responding

Is it precise to state that you are in like manner encountering the issue of happening IMAP AOL.Com Not Responding or not working, at whatever point you are entering your email box? Take the necessary steps not to get concentrated on, it's only a particular glitch, which you can handle the issue by using a couple of strategies.

Here, in this post, we will feature some of the steps that will be helpful to solve the problem of the webmail server IMAP AOL.Com not responding.

Some steps you need to follow for solving the problem of IMAP AOL is not working or not responding!

Now and again, because of the heavy incoming and outgoing emails in your mailbox, the mail account sometimes gets the problem and dysfunctions. This might also become the problem of IMAP AOL.Com suddenly stopped working. The best solution for your problem of AOL IMAP not working appropriately is just to uninstall and reinstall your AOL account settings. While reinstalling the AOL server with a fresh start, the settings are auto-corrected. This may solve your AOL problem.

Go through the below steps to solve the problem of Mail server occurred and is taking a very long time to respond

First step - First you need to Open your Settings

Turn on your mobile phone and select the option of the menu given and then go to the icon of the settings by pressing it.

Second step -You have to choose the option of accounts and password of AOL

whenever the icon of settings open, then look for it and search for the options of accounts and passwords of AOL. Now click.

Third Step - You need to open the AOL email id

When the option of your accounts and AOL passwords get open, you will get a chance to see an AOL mail accounts list that you are using. Now you have to click on the AOL mail address that is not working or responding now. Now just Open the AOL server mail account.

The fourth step - Click on the option of Delete

Whenever you choose your mail if and click on it, then delete the AOL email address just by using the red button whether from phone or PC.

Now you need to Go back to your option of the menu.

Fifth Step - After the deletion of your account, you need to press the option of the back button to the option of the menu bar. Let your telephone rest for some time for syncing the AOL new settings.

The sixth step - Go to settings

After getting to the point, you need to again click on the Settings option from the list of menu.

Seventh step - Choose the options of AOL accounts and passwords. Whenever you open the option of settings and click the icon of accounts and password. Then you have to click on the AOL accounts and passwords.

Eighth step - Now you just have to add your new account. After entering the account and password on their respective fields, just move to the option of account and click on that.

Ninth step - choose your email providers from the list provided to you.

Whenever you select the option of the account, then you need to choose the email providers such as Gmail, AOL, and so on. Choose the account of AOL that is showing you problems.

The tenth step - Now try and Sign in

Whenever you select the provider of the email address that you need, then there they will request username and password of AOL. Now Enter the important details, and your concern about the problem of My AOL Mail Is Not Responding.

whenever you have to refresh the email address of AOL email from the Mail application in iOS, now and then clients may be getting a problem message popping on your Ios gadget, for example, "Can't Get Mail, the mail server imap.AOL.com working or not responding or ensure that you have entered the right information of account in the options of the AOL Mail display settings."

This kind of problem messages is displayed because of numerous reasons. A few steps and processes are offered below to determine the AOL problem. These techniques are very easy to follow and it takes very little time in going through the procedure.