Easy Steps To Resolve AOL Mail Not receiving Emails Issue

Use AOL Basic Mail: you'll view your emails in a few unspecified time within the destiny of a far much less tough format with the help of AOL Basic Mail. This may be very useful when you are having problems retrieving emails on a slower internet connection. AOL mail not receiving emails is easy to treat. Reset your Web Settings: There might be the risk which you genuinely have installation more than one browsers in your internet settings. You'll reset your internet settings to your computer.

Disable pop-up blocking: It is often a matter of concern if you're blocking pop-ups in your browser while writing a message. It can cause problems while accessing AOL Mail. you'll got to disable pop-up blockers or disable the pop-up window on your browser. AOL mail not receiving emails is not a big issue. So tried to share the answer for them, later, I plan to write a piece of writing on this blog also. So people can get easy help without sharing more knowledge. If you've got also stopped receiving emails on your AOL account. I might suggest you stay connected with this text and follow the instructions to repair the matter.

Brief Guide to repair can't receive emails on AOL account-

Delete the e-mail filters-

If you can't receive emails on your AOL webmail's inbox, you ought to check the e-mail filter settings first. When there's a filter performing on your email account, technically, you'll be receiving all emails from the senders but they're going to be directly landing into the opposite accounts like- spam folder or the other given folder.

  • So you ought to delete all email folders using the steps given below:

  • Go to the mail settings on AOL account.

  • Click on general settings and choose email filters.

  • If you'll see any filter performing on your email, you would like to disable them.

Check spam settings-

If your AOL mail isn't receiving some quite specific emails into your account. you would like to see the spam settings. Possibly, you chose that sort of email as a spam mail. That's why they're not coming to the inbox and going to not spam or trash folder.

Check Imap / POP server details-

If you'll get the new emails on your computer but can't get them on your phone or outlook application.

You should check the IMAP and pop settings. Possibly, you've got found out your AOL account with the invalid server settings, that's why your AOL mail not receiving emails from the server.

  • The incoming server name for IMAP - imap.aol.com

  • Outgoing server name- smtp.aol.com

  • Port no- 993

  • Incoming server name for pop3- pop.aol.com

  • Outgoing server name- smtp.aol.com

  • Port no- 995

So these are the instructions about the way to fix can't receive emails on AOL account problem. if you're also facing the other issues together with your AOL account. please allow us to know.

Disable the e-mail forwarding-

Never forget to see the e-mail forwarding settings on your account. Most of the time, people can't receive emails on their AOL mail account thanks to this. You can resolve AOL mail not receiving emails issue, but you need a proper guide. When you enable the e-mail forwarding settings by mistake, your email is going to be directly forwarded to the given email address.